Kaye Lynn Peterson

Kaye Lynn Peterson – Owner of Financial Fundamentals: Financial Education and Financial Services, Kangen Water Jesuru BioCell Collagen, http://www.financial-fundamentals.net, (916) 806-1214

Kaye Lynn Peterson, owner of Financial Fundamentals, is an entrepreneur and business owner with over 40 years’ experience in business and 15 years as an insurance professional.  She counsels individuals, couples and small businesses who want to open their eyes to a new perspective, take back control of their money and grow it without risk.
keylynnPut the Financial Fundamentals keys to work in opening the door to a bigger picture of the possibilities and design a plan for your money that fits you and your values.  Our goal is education in how money works and working with you to build trust so together we can design a plan for your life’s income that fits your purposes and values and will help you leave a legacy of financial stability and knowledge for your loved ones as well as the causes you cherish.

Financial Fundamentals is dedicated to sharing the powerful message of the Infinite Banking Concept as described by R. Nelson Nash in his book Becoming Your Own Banker.  Therefore, the information on this website is geared to educate people who are seeking to learn a way to make their dollars work for them in a safe environment, while at the same time making each dollar do more than one task.

There is a lot of material to read here, as well as links to videos that will help to explain the concept, if you learn visually and aurally.

Let’s get started.